Kelowna Home Cleaners Describe Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid

A child from Kelowna in danger from cleaning chemicals

Why do we clean our work spaces and homes? Well, if we didn’t clean, bacteria, dirt and other unwanted materials would build up and become unappealing to the senses. A dirty environment also has the ability to make us ill.

But what if cleaning actually made the chances of us getting sick even worse? We know what you’re thinking- how could making something cleaner increase the likelihood that I become ill. It is true that bacteria and viruses can cause prolonged doubts of illness and infection, however, there are other ways that the body can be harmed.

All About Details Cleans Green

As humans have continued to develop cleaning products, embracing unnatural chemicals with open arms, the instances of individuals becoming sick from volatile compounds and solutions has been drastically increasing. For this reason among others, All About Details Cleaning Services prefers to use environmentally-friendly, natural and safe cleaning methods. This ensures that the grime, dirt and bacteria are removed from your home without exposing your family to the deadly chemicals that can be found in other cleaning solutions.

Unnatural Cleaning Products and Your Lungs

Did you know that being exposed to unnatural cleaning products can be just as bad for your lungs as smoking? There have been several reports which show harmful products like bleach can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This disease creates permanent damage inside the lungs which leaves the victim dependant on supplementary oxygen supplies.

One of these reports discovered that exposing your family to harsh cleaning chemicals increases the risk of COPD by a whopping 32%. Is that a risk that you are willing to take? It is certainly not a risk that the All About Details Team is willing to take with their customers or their staff members.

Specific Chemicals to Watch Out For

Harsh cleaning materials are not only putting your family’s lungs at risk. There have been many products that have been linked to cancer, while others are poisonous if consumed by an unsuspecting infant. It is difficult to know what is safe to use in your home and what might be a potential threat. If you utilize the All About Details Cleaning Services, you need not worry, as we guarantee that all of our products are safe and natural. If you are cleaning on your own, keep a special eye out for these common ingredients that can be extremely harmful in the home:

Triclosan: This chemical can be found in many antibacterial hand soaps and dishwashing detergents. There are many studies being conducted at the moment to determine just how harmful triclosan is. It is suspected that it disrupts hormonal function in humans and that is it a carcinogen( promotes the growth of cancerous cells).

The FDA has even announced that they have found no evidence that antibacterial substances make us any safer or healthier and they are concerned that triclosan may help bacterias develop resistances. They recommend using simple organic soap and water only.

Chlorine: Look out for chlorine in toilet cleaners, laundry whiteners, and mildew removers. Chlorine is a respiratory irritant and can also massively disrupt the function of your thyroid. The negative side effects of prolonged chlorine exposure are vast, so your family should do everything they can to avoid high levels of the substance.

Aside from cleaning materials, you may have high levels of chlorine in your tap water, which most municipalities use to kill bacteria. Look to have a water filtration system installed in your home and utilize a shower head that has an internal filter. If you colour your hair, you will receive the added benefit of retaining your desired colour for longer when it is not dosed in chlorine!

Ammonia: Ammonia exposure can occur when you are attempting to make your mirrors and windows streakless. Ammonia is hidden in many glass cleaners and polishing agents. If you use products that contain this chemical, you can potentially develop asthma and chronic bronchitis; all just for some sparkling windows. Additionally, if ammonia comes into contact with another cleaning product that contains bleach, a poisonous gas will be released into your home.

Sodium Hydroxide: Families can be exposed to this chemical when a dirty oven or a clogged drain needs attention. Sodium hydroxide can cause intense burns and permanent damage if it gets into someone’s eyes. It is also known to cause damage to throats if the particles are inhaled, leaving the exposed person with a sore throat for days.

There are literally hundreds of other chemicals hidden in products around your home that could be detrimental to your family’s health. We can’t name them all, but as a responsible parent, manager, or roommate, you should look to incorporate more environmentally friendly products into your living spaces. Feel a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start? We can help!

Reach out to the All About Details Cleaning team today and embrace a cleaner, healthier life for you and your loved ones!