10 Tips for a good fall house cleaning

10 Tips For A Good Fall House Cleaning

Hello to all our fellow Kelowna and Okanagan friends from all of us at All About Details Cleaning! 

Fall cleaning and the end of summer is our topic for today. We hope you have enjoyed your summer and the beautiful Okanagan Valley as we have. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about something a little less enjoyable, the end of summer.  Yes friends this time of year is so wonderful but as they say, all good things must come to an end. 

Fortunately for us, fall in the Okanagan is also wonderful! With cooler temperatures though it means a little more time spent indoors. It is also is an important time to do a  thorough fall house cleaning. What things should we focus on? We are happy to provide you with our list of 10 things all homes need to do for fall housecleaning. 

10 Tips for a good fall house cleaning

  1. Vacuum all your upholstered furniture thoroughly. Flip the cushions and get all sides. Don’t forget the cracks and crevices on your sofas and chairs. This is vital to help your furniture last longer, as dirt and dust rubs the fabric with an abrasive like effect and causes premature wear. It is also important for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. 
  2. Move all the furniture and vacuum or dust in every area you can reach. These are the areas that dust and dirt tend to build up. 
  3. Clean and dust all window coverings. This is very important as  uncleaned window coverings can develop an almost cement like layer on them caused by dust and humidity.  Your window coverings will look much better and last much longer. It’s also a good time to ensure that they are functioning properly. This one may require professional help. 
  4. Freshen up your winter linens. You will want to wash and care for these before you use them again. We know they were washed before you stored them for the season, but they still will need to be freshened up, although light cleaning is all thats needed. You will enjoy the freshness when you lay your head down for a well deserved sleep.   
  5. Flip and or turn your mattresses. This is usually recommended by the manufacturer once or twice a year, although not all mattresses require this. Most do though. The benefits are that the shape and form of your mattresses will last longer and provide you a better sleeping environment over time. 
  6. Clean and launder all bedding including: bed liners, pillow slips, mattress pads and comforters. Again this will provide a clean and fresh environment for your sleeping comfort and greatly reduce allergens and dust mites. 
  7. If needed, schedule a carpet cleaning for all areas of your home that haven’t been cleaned in the past year or two. It is best to have your carpets professionally cleaned in the warmer fall days than the cold winter days because they will dry much faster. Dirt and dust destroys carpets and are a major cause of dust in the air in your home. 
  8. Check your washer hoses! When these go it’s a disaster. Also inspect dryer vents. 
  9. Have your air ducts cleaned or at least inspected. Summer dust and allergens have been built up to some degree in them and they may need a professional cleaning. 
  10. Clean out your closets and wash and inspect all fall and winter clothing. They will need to be cleaned of the dust and stale orders that have built up on them over the season. It’s a great time to donate ones you know you will not wear again. 

We hope you have found these 10 tips for a good fall house cleaning helpful. Be sure to let us know if we can help with any of your cleaning needs. Also, if there are any blog articles you think we may write about that you would enjoy. 

Have a great fall Kelowna and Okanagan Valley friends.