How Much Does Professional House Cleaning Cost?

Many people have thought about hiring professional house cleaning services but chose to wait due to the perceived cost of hiring such a service. We would like to answer the question today; how much does a professional house cleaning service cost?

On the surface that question seems to be an easy one to answer. The cost is the price the cleaning service charges. While that is a big factor for sure, the real answer goes much deeper than that. The location of your home can make a difference even. In Kelowna BC for example, the environment has been negatively affected by many fires in recent years and these fires cause lots and lots of smoke and very fine dust particles. This fine dust and smoke really can creep into your home and create indoor air problems and to help answer our question, they can cause much faster wear on your fabrics. So a local environment like Kelowna BC can create much greater expenses for your home due to furnishings wearing out quicker if not properly cleaned and maintained regularly. This is a real advantage of hiring a professional cleaning service verses doing it yourself. You could even just about break even on costs of cleaning services versus quicker replacement of furnishings.

We have found our home much cleaner using a professional cleaning service over the years versus doing it ourselves.

Scott and Lisa T

An additional factor to consider is your time and the real value of it. Yes we have all heard the expression, “time is money”, and that is indeed true. This is true even if you don’t have employment. Lets face it, we earn money to live, care for our families and enjoy life. When we go out to eat, some shopping at the mall or even some local wine tasting, it all costs money and much of it is spent to provide some level of enjoyment for ourselves, family, and friends. So wouldn’t having your home professionally cleaned each week or even two weeks be a real pleasure for you? How much would you say that pleasure or enjoyment is worth?

One last thing to consider is the cost of cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. These can really add up and they should be factored into this equation. The cost of vacuums, sprays, rags, mops, brooms are ongoing. One question to ask a potential cleaning service you are thinking of hiring is; do you provide your own cleaning supplies or am I providing them?

The bottom line is this; everything has a cost, but the biggest ones are the cost of replacing furnishings due to wearing out quicker and how much do you value your time? To break it down a bit more, lets say the cleaning service charges $35 an hour and you use them for 3 hours, that equals $105 correct? Now we can subtract the the cost savings from your furnishings lasting longer, cleaning supplies not purchasing if that’s the case, and the cost of your enjoying life more. So the answer to how much does a professional cleaning service cost? In our opinion not too much and is well worth it.