Hiring a Professional Cleaner in Kelowna Is Not Only Affordable, It Might Actually Save You Money

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Everyone knows the incredible feeling that comes with having their home fresh and clean. Perhaps the season of spring prompted you to tidy up after a long winter, or the relatives were scheduled to come over for a family dinner. You had everything in order, your kitchen sparkled, and the air smelled clear and fresh. These thoughts may bring back memories of a pleasant citrus smell lingering in the air or maybe they bring a smile to your face. Why? Because you were proud of your home and it was an extremely welcoming and pleasant environment.

How long does your magically clean home last? A few days, maybe a week?

We all have demanding jobs, families, and long to-do lists. As life becomes busier, there is less time to devote to keeping a home clean. Sometimes an average day can quickly become chaotic; an important email didn’t get sent to you at work, you’re late to pick your kids from daycare, what are you making for dinner again?

Your Own Clean Oasis

If the outside world is stressful and unorganized, when you arrive home you should be stepping into your own peaceful sanctuary. Imagine stepping out of your car and into a perfectly clean, fresh and organized house every single day- a clean oasis if you will. A friend calls out of the blue and asks to stop by, and you can say yes without hesitation. There is no anxiety or rushing around because you know your house is already spotless. Try and picture your life if all the time you normally spent cleaning your home was suddenly free. You would be spending more quality time with your family, or finally start that side business you have been dreaming about.

Maybe Once I Win the Lottery…

We have all heard our friends make jokes, “When I win the lottery, I’m hiring a maid to clean the house and a personal chef to cook my meals. Someone to do all the gardening and clean the pool too!”.

Well, here is a secret, share it with your friends or keep it for yourself.

You don’t need to win the lottery to afford the service of having your house cleaned for you. Having your home professionally cleaned is actually very affordable. All About Details Cleaning Kelowna has customers from all walks of life and we will work with your available budget. Having a clean and attractive home is not just for the rich and famous, everyone deserves the luxury and peace of mind.

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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

You may be looking at your budget and be a little unsure of where you fit in the cost for a cleaner. Here is an interesting way to look at the situation. We all value our time in different ways but when you are at work, there is a fixed dollar amount attached to every hour you spend creating value for the business you own or work for.

According to Statistics Canada, once the average Canadian gets home they spend about 40 minutes on housekeeping, 40 minutes on cleaning up/cooking and an additional 25 minutes on other household work. Let’s take a conservative estimate and say that 1 hour of those tasks are directly related to actual cleaning. Effectively, you would have one additional hour everyday to do other activities if a professional cleaner was responsible for those duties.

What Would You Do with Your 30 Hours?

In this average scenario, the Canadian that hired a cleaner now has about an extra 30 hours of free time every month. What if you worked an additional 30 hours, or dedicated that time to starting your own business? What if you worked half of those hours, paid for a cleaner, increased the amount you are saving for retirement and spent more time with your loved ones?

This isn’t a dream world, this is the world you will live in once you realize the true value of your time. The more time you save, the more benefits you will see. Free time compounds, just like interest on an investment.

If you hire professionals to do what they excel at, you will be free to either earn extra income or increase the time spent on the activities that truly matter to you most. If your are excited by the thought of waking up to a perfectly clean home every day, while having an extra 30 hours to increase your net worth or indulge in life a little more, give us a call at All About Details Cleaning Kelowna. We will work WITH you, and WITH your budget.

We want to be your partner in a cleaner, happier life.