Kelowna’s House Cleaners Tips for An Efficient Bathroom Clean

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Charles Gerba, a microbiologist professor from the University of Arizona, conducted many studies about household bacteria. Unsurprisingly, household bacteria is everywhere and it’s pretty darn gross.

Since we use our bathrooms daily to wash away all the daily grime, dirt and germs we encounter, it’s no surprise that bacteria builds up quickly in bathrooms.

The Kelowna All About Details Cleaning team knows it’s essential to properly and effectively clean our bathrooms in order to banish all the bacteria that’s sure to be lingering. With that in mind, our team has narrowed down the places in our bathrooms that attract the most grime.

Sparkling Clean Shower & Tub


Soap scum builds up on the shower door, walls, floor, tub basin, shower head and handles very quickly. If these surfaces aren’t clean, then you’re not going to get a very effective shower or bath either.

Soap scum isn’t the only issue in your shower. Your shower head can harbor Mycobacterium avium, a dangerous pathogen linked to pulmonary disease. If your shower head isn’t properly and regularly cleaned, then you are potentially inviting millions of germs into your lungs every time you step into your shower.

House Cleaners Toilet Tips


When we flush our toilets, all the germs and bacterias from the toilet bowl, including E. coli, and salmonella, can spread into the air, flusher, toilet seat and other surfaces.

Putting the toilet seat down before we flush helps keep the bacteria contained, and regular deep cleaning will keep the bacteria count down. 

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Squeaky Clean Sink


This may come as a surprise, but according to studies, our sinks have the highest bacteria count. First of all, the faucet and handles are magnets for bacteria and grime since they are the first thing we touch after using the toilet.

Secondly, microbiologist, Charles Gerba, found that the amount of bacteria found in our sink basin and drain is equal to the amount found on a cutting board used for raw meat.

Ventilation Fan


The ventilation fan is an important feature in any bathroom because it helps reduce and prevent mold and mildew buildup.

However, since its purpose is to suck up airborne particles, those particles will linger in the blades and surface of the fan. It’s essential that you clean your ventilation fan often and thoroughly in order to effectively remove the airborne particles. 

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Household Hand Towels


Hand towels are typically shared among family members and guests alike. Since they’re shared so often and often damp, they trap moisture and bacteria very easily. It’s important to replace them regularly. We recommend every 3 to 4 days.

At All About Details Cleaning Services, we recognize the necessity of keeping your house clean and safe. That’s why we pride ourselves on only using natural cleaners that do not harm you or the environment.

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