Kelowna’s House Cleaner’s Tips For Keeping a Clean Home This Summer

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Keeping your Kelowna home clean and tidy over the summer can be difficult when the kids are out of school or when you have less time to clean because you’re outside enjoying the incredible weather. Getting ahead of the mess is crucial!

Keep your home clean and tidy this summer with Kelowna’s All about Details Cleaning guide to a clean home.

    • Keep a Cleaning Schedule
    • Involve the Kids in Cleaning
    • Organize and Declutter
    • Kelowna Cleaning Service


Keep a Cleaning Schedule & Clean on the Go


Creating a regular cleaning schedule for more time-consuming cleaning jobs and then cleaning the smaller messes as you go will make a huge difference this summer. Make a list of daily chores that can be done on the go and then a list of weekly or monthly chores to help accomplish all your cleaning goals.

Cleaning on the go is a great daily habit to get into. It saves you time in the long run and keeps your home tidy between bigger cleans. Quick chores like putting your clothes away, wiping down a surface right after its been used, putting your shoes and coat away or putting dishes in the dishwasher right away are quick and easy chores that will keep messes from piling up into overwhelming chores.

Involve the Kids in Cleaning


If you have children, establish family ground rules and chores at the beginning of the summer. This will ensure your children take responsibility for their mess and help prevent your home from becoming a permanent disaster.

Creating lists of summer duties, including taking shoes off before entering the house, cleaning up after themselves, and washing hands after playing outside. This will help divide the workload and make cleaning easier.

Asking your kids to clean up after themselves and giving them daily or weekly chores will keep your home clean and give them a sense of responsibility.

Organize and Declutter


It’s typical for homeowners to accumulate an overwhelming amount of items over time and for them to pile up.

If you are one of these people, you are not alone! Putting away all the excess clutter that isn’t being regularly used will instantly make any room look cleaner.

Summer is also an exceptional time to go through your home and re-evaluate what is being used and what isn’t and donating any unused items. This will help clear up space and improve the functionality of your home.

Kelowna Cleaning Service


We all have demanding jobs, families, and long to-do lists. When our lives are hectic, as they often can be, there is less time to dedicate to keeping your home clean.

It’s not uncommon for most people, especially anyone with children, to be on the go from morning to night. There might not be enough time to clean between work meetings, picking up the kids from the daycare or sports and making dinner.

Hiring a reputable cleaning company in Kelowna to complete a top to bottom professional clean can be a lifesaver! Having one less thing on your plate will help reduce stress and free up your extra time to spend with family or enjoy a hobby.

Contact All About Details Cleaning today for a professional cleaning. We’re a Kelowna cleaning company that loves helping people keep their home sparkling clean!