Kelowna Cleaning Company and The Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

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All About Details Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning company located in Kelowna, BC. Our mission is to clean homes with environmentally-friendly, natural, and safe cleaning methods.

Our cleaning team at All About Details Cleaning prefer using safe and natural products, and we reccommend the Norwex line of cleaning products, along with antibacterial microfiber cloths. Harsh chemicals in most cleaning products are harmful to people, pets and our environment.

Therefore, our ideal methods ensure your home is completely sanitize safely and naturally while protecting the health of our employees, clients and the environment. Read our 4 top benefits of using eco-friendly and green cleaning products.

  • Air quality
  • Health
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Protecting Your Possessions

Air quality in Your Kelowna Home

When you use harsh cleaning products with dangerous chemicals, they release toxins into the air. Toxins and the strong smell of cleaning chemicals will linger in your home, even if the windows are open.

These chemicals can often trigger headaches and be linked to serious respiratory problems and diseases. Green cleaning products, such as the ones the All About Details Cleaning cleaners use, are safer to breathe and don’t have a lingering strong chemical stench.

Home Cleaning for Long-term Health

Allergic reactions, skin irritations, and respiratory problems are frequently attributed to toxic cleaning products.

Eco-friendly products, on the other hand, meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption. Therefore, they are safer for pets, children, our cleaning staff at All About Details Cleaning and for you.

Keeping your pets, children, our cleaning staff and you healthy is hands down the most important and best benefits of using green cleaning products.

Kelowna Cleaners Want to Protect and Conserve the Environment

When you use harsh clean products, there is a high risk of polluting water systems and for chemicals to seep into the earth after its been disposed of.

Green products and eco friendly alternatives are designed with sustainability and a healthy world in mind. Eco friendly cleaning products use natural ingredients that won’t pollute or cause further damage to the earth.

When you use green products, or hire a cleaning service such as Kelowna’s All About Details Cleaning team, you’re ensuring a safer and cleaner environment. The benefits of this is directly linked to better vegetation, animals and access to safe water sources.

Protect your Belongings

Harsh chemicals are corrosive and will accelerate the deterioration process of your floors, countertops, and furniture while simultaneously causing health problems and polluting our environment.

Eco friendly products use will protect and maintain your possessions so they’ll last longer.

Contact All About Details Cleaning located in Kelowna, BC today for a home clean that will leave your house sparkling clean without harsh products that damage the environment or harms you and your family.