Fall Is Here. #1 Danger Of Spending More Time Indoors And Ways To Help Reduce The Risks

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We wish to provide you with some helpful and healthful tips that can help you and your family reduce greatly the health risks that most face from an increase in spending more time indoors. So let’s begin. 

The Danger

Poor indoor air quality.



Studies show that indoor air can be much worse for your health than the air outside and this is true even if your city has polluted air. Why? Because of todays high standard energy efficient windows and doors, there is very little escape of the indoor air and so as a result, your indoor air increases exponentially in airborne particles. 

How to reduce the dangers of poor indoor air quality. 

Open windows a little bit in opposite sides of a room. This will allow for a cross ventilation and move the poor indoor air out and the fresher outside air in. Best time to do this of course is during dry weather. Another excellent time is when you are cleaning your home or having a professional house cleaning service come in to clean it. Lots of dust gets stirred up when homes are being cleaned. So ask your housekeeper to please open some windows while they are cleaning. It is especially useful to use a vacuum cleaner that has highly effective filtration so mostly fresh air comes out the exhaust of the vacuum.  

TIP: Buy a high quality vacuum and have your professional housecleaning service use it. You don’t want a vacuum turned on in your own home that has picked up dirt and dust from all over town and the germs and viruses that may live in it. 

Another factor that can greatly reduce the harm that poor indoor air can cause is; using all natural cleaning solutions as much as possible. This isn’t really that difficult as a number of easy to make solutions are highly effective. Vinegar and water for one. There may be occasions where harsher chemical based cleaners are needed, but limit their use. 

Bottom line; open windows to vent and circulate the air when cleaning and during nicer days. Have your professional housekeeping service,  if you use one, use your own vacuum. And last but not least, use all natural cleaning products as much as you can. 

Stay safe and enjoy winter Kelowna!  

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