Improve Your Mental Health with All About Details Cleaning Kelowna

Improve Your Mental Health with All About Detail Cleaning

We know that you are working hard to meet the demands that life puts on you. As the pressure and responsibilities continue to grow, know that All About Details Cleaning wants you to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Having a clean and organized home can help to improve both your mental and physical health.

Here are the top 6 reasons having All About Details Cleaning in your Kelowna home can help improve your health:

1. Reduce Stress

You work hard all day. Coming home to a long list of To Dos that include cleaning, laundry, and de-cluttering your life can feel overwhelming. Often this at-home stress can result in anxiety and depression. By having a clean and tidy home, you can improve your mood and keep the other stress of life at bay.

2. Improve Productivity

Whether you work from home or have a list of projects to complete, it has shown that working in a tidy and clean workspace improves your productivity. Without external distractions it is easier for our minds to focus on the task at hand. All About Details Cleaning can ensure that by keeping your home clean, you can get back to completing the important tasks in your life. The best part? The more we accomplish in our day, the better our mood!

Increase productivity with a clean home by All About Details Cleaning

3. Stay Healthy

Eat Better

study in the Psychological Science Journal shows that your physical environment can have a huge impact on your psychological thinking. The study placed people in two different rooms, one was disorderly and one was neat and clean. The physical surroundings produced different preferences and behaviour from the participants. People who were asked to work in a clean environment were more likely to choose healthy snacks compared to those who had a cluttered workspace.

Fight Off Illness

Many people experience allergies and assume that those symptoms are being caused by external factors such as pollen or outdoor pollution. The truth is that many people are simply inhaling impure air inside their homes as a side effect of not having regular cleaning. With All About Details Cleaning we will remove the fluff, dust mites, and pet dander that accumulates in your home, to leave your air as fresh as possible.

We also clean deep into those areas where germs can really multiply. The kitchen is the dirtiest room in your home and we can ensure it stays clean for your family. 

Eat healthier with All About Details Cleaning

4. Spend More Time with Your Family

We want you to enjoy the time that you spend at home. By taking the cleaning and tiding of your home off your To Do list, we can help you to find more time to spend with your loved ones. We know life demands don’t stop when you get home. There is homework to get done, projects to finish up and dinner to prepare. By taking this one task off your list, we allow you to focus your attention where it truly needs to be, with your family.

5. Enjoy Your Hobby

Time is precious and we too often run out of it. When was the last time that you picked up your paint brushes or headed out for a run? We all have hobbies that don’t get the time that they deserve. Without worrying about completing your routine cleaning, you will have more time for the things that you truly enjoy. Indulging in your hobbies reduces stress and improves your mood. All About Details Cleaning can get you back to enjoying all that Kelowna has to enjoy.

Enjoy your hobby and leave the cleaning to All About Details Cleaning

6. Sleep Better

By decreasing stress and anxiety, we are giving ourselves a better chance to settle down in the evening. Let us make your house a beautifully clean and tidy space to come home to at the end of the day. This will allow you to relax and unwind in the evening and let you get rested for your day ahead.