Kelowna Cleaning Company Finds the 6 Dirtiest Areas in Your Home

cleaning a hard to reach area under a couch in a Kelowna home

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we tend to fall into a routine that focuses on certain areas and items in our residence.

The counters in your kitchen get a good wipe-down after a week of your kids making their own snacks. The floors will get swept, especially near your front door and your toilet may get some extra attention. Eventually, we focus on these areas out of habit and tend to forget other areas of our homes, especially as our schedules become more hectic around the holidays. So what happens to these neglected areas? Dirt and grime begins to collect and fester. If left unchecked, mold and bacteria moves in and puts your family’s health at risk. Yikes.

The All About Details Team is here to help! We are Kelowna’s cleaning experts and have been through thousands of homes, discovering the areas that homeowners often forget. We have a compiled a list of the grimiest areas that you should give some extra love to the next time you are cleaning at home.


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Laundry Room

Oddly enough, one of the dirtiest rooms in a home is the one responsible for cleaning clothing! The laundry room is often overlooked when homeowners decide to tidy up around the house. Why? Well, we typically don’t spend a lot of time in the laundry room. Unlike a washroom or a kitchen, the normal activities that take place in a laundry room are not overly “messy”. Aside from a little spilled detergent, this area of your home appears very clean at first, but you have to remember that this is where all of the dirty clothes pass through. Mud, grass, food, dust. Everything that interacts with our clothing ends up in the laundry room. Aside from dirt, your laundry room can quickly become the dustiest area in your home due to the lint produced from your dryer. If you are cleaning the laundry room, don’t forget the laundry baskets, and the actual washing machine and dryer!

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The health campaigns designed to ward off the flu in the winter have done a great job in reminding us to wash our hands. Yes, we can wash our hands before eating but for the most part, our hands are quite dirty. What is the first thing that your hands touch when you arrive home after a day of being out with the general public? The door knob. The door knobs in your home are one of the dirtiest areas, touched by almost everyone that enters your home. You can wash your hands but what about the hands of your children’s friends- where have they been? With that imagery in mind, make all the doorknobs in your home the next item on your cleaning list.



Alike the laundry room, we often don’t associate the place where we clean ourselves as a “dirty” spot in the home. A shower or bathtub has all the perfect ingredients for a dirty-disaster. Water, heat and the bacteria from the individuals who use it combine to create mold and other dangerous pathogens. After you get squeaky clean, hop back in with some cleaning supplies and give your shower some love. Don’t forget to use a fan when bathing to reduce the amount of moisture in the room!



Twenty years ago, the dirtiest piece of technology in your home may have been the remote for your TV. Today, it’s likely the keyboard of your computer. The door knobs get briefly exposure with your hands, but your cellphone and laptop get hours of exposure. As technology becomes more portable, it also becomes dirtier. Cell Phones are taken into the washroom, laptops are brought into the kitchen while cooking, and TV remotes are handled in between the popcorn and the nachos. Give your electronics some cleaning attention at least once a week and don’t forget your light switches!

A person holding a cellphone that has just fallen into the toilet

The next time you send a text or tweet, remember that cell phones are about 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat!



You can start to see a pattern here. If our hands touch an object or area of our home often, they need to be cleaned just as frequently. We typically remember to sweep and vacuum stairs and steps but neglect the railing, which is usually coated with dirt, grime and bacteria.  


Underneath Rugs

Many homeowners utilize area rugs and mats in their living spaces. When these dust and dirt grabbing accessories are cleaned, they are usually vacuumed on top and perhaps shaken outdoors. The average cleaner forgets to inspect to the bottom of the carpet. When you vacuum a rug, you need to flip it over and fully vacuum the underside. Not only should you clean the bottom of the mat or rug, but you should also give extra attention to the floor directly beneath the fixture. Dirt and moisture can easily become trapped underneath causing issues such as mold. This is especially important for the mats that you use near your front door and your shower!


How Can You Keep Your Home Clean at All Times?

A cleaning schedule being filled out ensuring the entire home is clean

Depending on the size of your home, the amount of square feet to clean can be a little overwhelming. The All About Details Team recommends setting up a cleaning schedule or system. List out all the areas in your home that need to be cleaned and pre-plan who will clean those areas and when the cleaning will occur. By delegating the tasks and setting up a repeating schedule, your home will be much cleaner, especially in those areas that we often forget about. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Our team helps families all across the Okanagan stay clean and healthy.

Having your home professionally cleaned saves you time, reduces your stress levels and turns your home into a fresh, bacteria-free zone.


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