Reduce Clutter For a Happier, Cleaner and Inviting Home

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Minimizing clutter will make for a happier, cleaner and more welcoming home. It’s not uncommon to accumulate an overwhelming amount of clutter overtime, but holding on to clutter negatively impacts your mind, your wallet and the functionality of your home.

Transform your home with Kelowna’s All About Details Cleaning team’s top 6 ways to reduce your clutter.

Evaluate Possessions in Your Home

The more possessions you own, the harder it is to stay on top of cleaning and tidying. Overtime, it’s not uncommon to have boxes, drawers, closets and even rooms full of items that are rarely or never used. Evaluate your items and keep anything that is useful or necessary and anything that you believe to be beautiful.

Keep, Donate or Toss

Once you’ve assessed the value of your items and if they have a use in your home and life, it’ll be easier to sort through them. The best way to sort items is to choose whether you’re keeping them, donating them or tossing them.

If you’re waffling on certain items, make lists, choose one item to donate or toss every day or try different experiments to determine which items you use. The Closet Hanger experiment, for instance, is a great way to visually see which clothes you wear on a regular basis and which clothes can be donated.

Declutter Rooms Effectively in Short Sprints

Sorting through items can be daunting, but one way to make it more manageable is to declutter bit by bit. Often we find it difficult to part with possessions, so doing a little at a time will be more effective and help build your courage up for tackling the harder things.

Setting up a time frame, an area, or a small room that you plan on cleaning is the most effective way to manage decluttering. However, if you become frustrated or overwhelmed, take a break or save it for another day.

Condense Sentimental Items

It’s difficult to part with sentimental possessions that you’ve collected over the years. There are items that may be too difficult to part with. Consider taking photos of sentimental items, passing on family heirlooms to other relatives, or incorporating items into your decor.

Organize and Rearrange Your House for a Cleaner Look  

Smart organization is an excellent way to keep rooms, items and areas tidy. Attractive containers or baskets are a great way to store items, while keeping them accessible and within reach. Your home will feel and look cleaner if you have a specific place for each item and if there are less possessions out in the open. 

Consider Future Purchases

Clutter is bad on your wallet. After you’ve decluttered all the unnecessary items in your home, the last thing you want to do is accumulate more. Taking stock of what you own, what you need and assessing the space in your home will help curb unnecessary expenditures.   

Researcher, James Wolf, studied the correlation between the duration of touching an item and the value that person places on that item. In, The power of touch: An examination of the effect of duration of physical contact on the valuation of objects he concluded that touching an item for longer periods of time increases the chances of them purchasing the object based on two studies. If you’ve made a number of impulse purchases in the past, limit shopping trips, shop online and ask yourself if an item is a necessity before buying it.

If you’re looking to give your home an overall clean after you’ve decluttered, contact All About Details Cleaning in Kelowna for all your cleaning needs. We can give your house a complete clean to ensure your house looks its absolute best.