Spring Is Here And So Are The Allergens! 4 Tips To Improve Your Indoor Environment This Spring

Spring Cleaning Kelowna

We all look forward to spring, don’t we? The fresh green grass and blooming flowers are indeed wonderful. Of course, those of us with allergy problems also dread spring a little, because we know that the sneezing, itchy eyes are just starting. This is why we at All About Details Cleaning Service located in Kelowna BC wanted to provide you these 4 tips on how to improve your indoor environment this spring and thus, hopefully eliminate or reduce much of your allergy suffering. So here we go:

Tip #1 Maintain your vacuum cleaner.

It may sound basic enough that we should all maintain our vacuum cleaners however, many people simply change the bags or empty the debris containers and then go back to vacuuming as normal. The danger for us allergy sufferers is the amount of allergens that are still trapped in the vacuum after you empty it. So this is why a complete maintenance is needed on your vacuum this time of year. This will include; changing or cleaning filters, removing built up debris from the powerhead brush roll, as this can really kick up lots of dust and allergens when using. So bottom line, give that vacuum a good cleaning and get it working 100%. You may even consider a professional tune up at a local vacuum shop. This will Improve indoor environment.

Tip #2 Spring cleaning

This is something we all need to do each spring and fall if we want to reduce the allergens in our homes and our allergy suffering. In the Kelowna and surrounding Okanagan area we have many beautiful parks, farms, vineyards and forests. We love them all of course, but they fill our valley air with tons of fine dust and pollens. These land and hide throughout our homes, whether we live in a small apartment or a large luxury Kelowna estate, it all has to be cleaned thoroughly. Don’t forget the large heavy curtains and window coverings. These are a real source of hidden allergens. The appliances and all furniture should be moved and cleaned underneath them. Yes, there is lots to clean every spring and fall but it’ll be worth it, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Tip #3 Keep the air flowing in your home

This may sound a bit backwards since we are wanting to keep the allergens out of our home and our homes spotless. It’s important though to keep the fresh air flowing through our homes.  This will actually work in our favour. The stale, allergen filled air will move out and be replaced with fresher air. This will Improve indoor environment. It is important to remember that on windy days when lots of dust and dirt is kicked up outside to keep the windows and doors closed. When there is a light, gentle spring breeze though, this is the best time to crack the windows open. Do this during times you are at home and don’t leave therm open when going to bed for safety reasons.

Tip #4 Clean air ducts if needed.

Lots of built up debris and allergens live inside our air conditioning systems air ducts. These should be cleaned every so often. Have a peek at yours and see if you can spot any build up. If you do, have a pro come out and give them a clean. Remember when you turn on your air conditioning system this spring and summer, any build up of debris and allergens inside those air ducts may be blown out into your clean home. This will Improve indoor environment.

We hope this short list of 4 tips to improve your indoor air quality has been helpful for you. Remember that we are a local family owned Kelowna based cleaning service and are here to help you keep your home spotless. Luxury home cleaning is more affordable than you may think. Feel free to give us a call for your free quote.