The Joy Of Cleaning. 4 Steps To Take Before Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

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4 steps to take before hiring a professional cleaning service.

Hiring a professional cleaning service. The joys of cleaning! Have you seen the movie or heard the song? Of course not! It’s a bit of a funny statement isn’t  it? Although you may not have ever felt the joys of cleaning your home, you certainly have experienced the wonderful feeling of having a clean home. It’s satisfying to put it mildly. If like many people in Kelowna you have had your home professionally cleaned, you also know that feeling. It’s wonderful.   Have you ever thought about having your home professionally cleaned? That  thought may cause you a bit of anxiety due to the fact you may be uncomfortable having strangers come into your home or for that matter seeing your home a bit untidy.   Hiring a professional cleaning service  continued.

In order for you to benefit from the joy of having a clean home and the added plus of not having to do it yourself, we wanted to share with you a few tips that will help you alleviate the anxiety you may be feeling as well as other helpful suggestions that will ensure you get the right housecleaning service for you. 

4 steps to take before hiring a professional cleaning service. 

  1. Read reviews. Sounds simple enough and it is. Google is a great place to start. You can search for the name of the cleaning service you are thinking about hiring and more than likely they will have Google reviews.  Pay attention to the more recent ones as the cleaning company you’re considering may have done excellent work in the past but is not as good today. 
  2. Insured and bonded. Again, you would think that any professional cleaning service would have the proper insurance needed as well as be bonded. This is not the case in Kelowna and probably many other areas. A cleaning company that’s insured and bonded is one that is committed to excellence and one you can have confidence in. 
  3. Ask about the products and cleaning equipment they use. Today there are many excellent cleaning products that don’t have the harsh chemicals that can damage your health or that of your family. Also, what vacuum are they going to use? Yours or one they bring? Vacuums can spread unwanted germs by the billions if not maintained and used properly. So ask about this. 
  4. Ask for references.  Similar to reviews but with a more personal touch. 

We at All About Details Cleaning are hoping you too will experience the joy of having your home professionally cleaned. Follow the four steps outlined above before hiring a cleaning company and your anxiety will melt away. Oh, and a home professionally cleaned adds to better health for you and your loved ones. 

We’re here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re easy to get a hold of. Contact us here.